Get involved wherever you are!

From Knoxville

We are gearing up for 2019 already!  The date is TBA, but likely to be held in April!  We are already searching for the following:

1. People who would be willing to serve in some capacity on a team that helps plan the event

2. People who are connected to businesses who would like to support or sponsor the 2019 event

3. People who are willing to volunteer at the event

Sister Races

Interested in hosting a race event in your own area??  We are developing a way to host GLOW from wherever you are!

Using the same date, or a similar one, you can use the GLOW blueprint + GLOW products on a race in your own area! 

I can't wait to see people GLOWING in all areas of the US (or dare I say, the world?!?!)

Virtual Runners

Don't want to organize a big group of people but want to run with a few friends and family in your area?! Great!  We have a virtual/ghost option!

How it works-

- Sign up as a virtual runner

- Create your own 5k or 10k course 

- Recruit a few people to run with you

1 week prior to the race you will receive your race packet + tshirt + other GLOW products in the mail for your team

Each virtual runner raised approximately $10 for the foundation last year, resulting into $1000 from just virtual participation!!!! Every runner counts!

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