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About Us

Our Personal Galactosemia Story

We are the Cudzilos and our 3rd daughter Ansell is the sweet soul that jumpstarted GLOW for Galactosemia.  

What is Galactosemia

Galactosemia is a genetic disorder that affects approximately 1 in every 60,000 babies born. To give some perspective, this means that out of around 4 million babies born in the United States this year, only about 67 babies will be given this diagnosis. It is rare and it has fatal consequences if the disorder is not caught early (within 10 days of birth) and if precautions are not taken immediately.  

Even after the initial diagnosis and dietary change there usually are life long consequences.  Many babies suffer from cataracts at an early age, elevated liver enzymes that signify liver damage, developmental and speech delays, motor skill impairment, kidney damage, and in adolescence many see hormonal irregularities that eventually lead to infertility and in women pre-ovarian failure (EARLY menopause).

There is no cure.  There is no drug to take.  Yet.

Help us give those with Galactosemia a brighter future!  

GLOW for Galactosemia Event Highlights

Do you enjoy running in Knoxville?  Want to run AND help us raise awareness & money for research to help those affected by Galactosemia??  Would you like to start your own GLOW team where you live, outside of Knoxville?!

Then, come GLOW with us March 4, 2018!  There is a race in Knoxville OR you can run virtually, anywhere in the world!

Glow for Galactosemia in Knoxville is a family fun and race event filled with runs, a bounce house, playground, food trucks, glow face paint, music, etc.  Come join as and help us GLOW for a BRIGHTER future!


-Event total time: 4:00pm-8:30pm, check in starts at 4:00 

- Events offered: 

1. Family fun run, 1 mi., 5:00pm-5:30 pm 

2. 5k race, 6:15-7:30pm

3. 10k race, 6:00-7:30pm  

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